Storied Apes NFT Collection

The home of the Storied Apes NFT collection.

Pixels -> Legacy -> Offspring -> Voxel & Metaverse

Current Phase: Offspring Launch


Storied Apes NFT Collection

Phase 1

Storied Apes Pixels teaser

• Launch of the 5,000 Storied Apes Pixels NFT Collection.
• The Storied Apes Pixel Collection will play a vital role in unlocking the next phases of Storied Apes story.
• $ETH giveaway to holders after 33%, 66%, & 100% minted.
• NFT giveaway to holders after 33%, 66%, & 100% minted.
• Launch of $STORY utility token & passive staking which will play a key part in the evolution of Storied Apes.

Phase 2

Storied Apes Legacy teaser

• Launch of the Storied Apes Legacy Collection.
• Holders of the Storied Apes Pixel Collection will receive advantageous access to the Legacy Collection.
• Ongoing giveaways and whitelist access to NFT projects Storied Apes collaborates with.
• Community engagement events.
Phase 3

• Launch of the Storied Apes Offspring Collection.
• Breeding of the Storied Apes Legacy Collection + $STORY will be necessary to claim.
• The Storied Apes Pixels Collection may also have the ability to participate in the Offspring Collection (more details to come).
• Phase 3 will initiate the Storied Apes "Family" utility which will lend itself to holder benefits based on NFTs held from the Legacy & Offspring collections.

Phase 4

• Phase 4 will be the introduction of the Storied Apes Voxels.
• Storied Apes holders from Phase 1 - 3 will be rewarded with complimentary mints of their NFT voxels ready for the metaverse.
• Storied Apes will secure land plot(s) in a metaverse that the community decides on via proposal.
• Further details on Phase 4 and beyond to come.

Storied Apes Team


• Project Lead & Dev
• 10+ years in the IT world. BS, MS
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• Social Outreach & Marketing
• Background in social media, web dev, & end user support
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